To make a long story short, in 1995 I was forced out of a womb and ever since then I've been doing this thing called "life". I did school, I did big kid school and I sucked at everything. Like everything. Although I was kinda good at writing stories and I did get a B in Biology.


Anyway, suddenly Graphic Design came into my life and it was love at first Photoshop crash. Ever since then I've been studying the ins and outs and ups and downs of art and design and even started working on a degree in Graphic Design.


But I dropped out, it was a mess, a big hot mess. So I turned that bad into the good and ever since September of 2016, I've been doing what I enjoy in my free time: making posters!

Now I'm at a stage where the fanbase is starting to grow, so I created this website as a collective of all my independent work and as a home base for all my creative adventures.

And that's the story of me. I am Ripley and I'm here to... do art!