This page is for custom content for The Sims games created by me. So far I'm only into making lots so it may be a while if I decide to go beyond that but everything on here is free, just hit the Download button to download the .rar file. The .txt in every zip contains details about each lot plus a YouTube tutorial I found that explains how to install CC lots into the relevant Sims game. 

Be sure to click the photos to find out important details such as prices, game version and expansions needed.

If there's a broken/old link that needs fixing, let me know asap over social media or email!

Sims 4 Lots

Original Designs

First Victorian

Modern Mansion-ish

Little Vic

Victorian Eleganza

More to come...

Remastered Sims 2 Lots

This series takes the classic and iconic lots from The Sims 2 and brings them over to The Sims 4, so your sims can live their lives in familiar locations!

I tried my best to replicate these lots within The Sims 4 however, the game is quite restrictive creatively so not every single detail is exact. A lot may use items from an expansion pack or two but I did my best to make them base game only.

Remember: These are for The Sims 4. These are NOT custom content for The Sims 2. Enjoy!

Pleasantview and gang will come soon...

30 x 30 $262,547 when furnished​ Expansions used: Cats and Dogs Get Together Jungle Adventure Vampires Dine Out Spa Day Fitness Stuff Kids Room Stuff Romantic Garden Stuff Made on version: